Andrew Munz was born in 1987 in Catskill, NY, the only American in his Austrian family. His plays have been produced at the Spoon Theater in Manhattan, and the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming. He is a graduate of the improv training program at the iO Theater in Chicago, IL and has also trained at The Second City and the Annoyance Theater.

He is the writer and director of various plays including the popular “Still Single: Lessons on Love with Emma and Andy,” “I Can Ski Forever”, “Those Days”, “Second Guesses”, “Tröllaskagi”, “Three-Step Rug” and the most recent “I 2 Can Ski Forever,” which received national recognition from Powder Magazine and Ski Magazine.  He is also a columnist at “Planet Jackson Hole”, and you can read all of his columns and articles here: PlanetJH. A passionate writer, he is always working on a new project be it a play, an epic novel or a sequel to that epic novel. He is a frequent participant of the Jackson Hole Writers Conference.

He currently resides in Jackson, WY, but is often spotted in Iceland.

Twitter: @andrewmunz

Instagram: @munzofsteel


12 Responses to “Who’s Munz?”

  1. Paige. said

    p.s…I likes the blog. Miss you down here in the asshole of wyoming.

  2. rach. said

    i wish that when i clicked on “Who’s Munz?” it just had that picture with the caption: “Oh, that guy.”

  3. Jesse Ryan said

    Hey Andrew,
    I really dig the new blog! Keep at it brother!

  4. Bodhi said

    Hey Andrew,
    I just wanted to express my distaste for the article you wrote regarding Pearl Street Bagels in this weeks’ issue of the Planet. First of all, who writes a bad article on a well established local business that was given an award by the same paper? Second of all, that place is way too busy for people to be ”doing their work” in the first place. Next time you can’t camp out for hours and take up a table that another
    customer wants to use, (people like yourself only add to the seating
    problem) go home and cry about it instead of writing about it
    in the paper, you sound like a 13 year old girl who broke her N’Sync cd. The fact that it is small is what makes the place so nice, yeah it gets busy in the summer, but that’s what businesses are suppose to do. If your looking for space to work in why don’t you get your coffee to go and use your own office to write your mediocre articles? If you want couches, go to the Hard Drive or Elevated Grounds. Unfortunately for you, Pearl Street has a large loyal following who saw your article and thinks it sucks as bad as I do, so you’re only making yourself look like an idiot. If you don’t like it, how about going somewhere else and staying there. I hope you burned your vagina after you spilled your sour latte all over it when you finally came to the not so shocking realization that you’re a total turd sandwich. Good luck in the journalism game, at this rate a 5 year old from the elementary school who can’t even write yet could easily take over your spot, and
    in an economy like this, you may want to start doing a better job at not sucking balls at your work.

    The Ghost of Patrick Swayze

  5. andrewmunz said

    Dear Bodhi/Ghost Patrick Swayze,

    The only thing distasteful is your anonymity, pal. While you’re harping on my vagina, how about you stop hiding your own? Either way, I think you misread the article. You’re right in saying Pearl Street has a large loyal following; I’m part of it. JH Weekly gave it an award because the community voted. I try to get in there at least once a week because they have some great coffee and bagels. Ain’t gonna butt heads with you about that. But my argument is that their popularity is making it a super hectic place, and I don’t think anyone, not even you, whoever you are, can argue that it gets busy in there a LOT. You’re probably that evil-eyes guy, aren’t you? I knew you’d come back to haunt me.

    So while you tackle my writing skills with your toilet humor attempts at insulting me, I have a hard time believing you’re not an inane thirteen-year-old girl yourself. Based on your remarks, I think if anyone’s precious N*Sync CD was broken, darlin’, it’s probably yours. Get a cookie and cry it out. No one will judge you but yourself.


    • Victor said

      Wow, Bodhi you my friend are a master of irony. I get it: The Economy and Not Sucking Dick At Writing. Seriously though, I totally hate how andrew always gets sour lattes it’s like “wtf’s, you jerk”. Also 13 year old girls listening to nsync (I can relate to that!!!) stupid 13 year old hipster girls listening to late nineties boy-bands. And, I totally got the part where you were like,”Don’t write an article that unartfully criticizes something” and then you did the exact same thing so awfully that your point was reinforced. I strongly agree that someone who can’t write yet would do a good job of taking over Andrew’s job as a writer. Or wait was that ironic as well…

      Anyways, was anyone else sensing some strong homoerotic undertones to Bodhi’s insults?

  6. Johanna said

    Andy, I’m a new fan. And I’m sending your link out to my peeps as well. And my peeps on FB and Twitter. I may start stalking you soon. (Don’t tell my hubby and baby and dog, who might get jealous.)


  7. Liina said

    Well, hello!

  8. Macey said

    Thanks for including me on this blog. I’m excited to hear you might be coming home. We are in need of male actors again. I’m looking forward to part 2.


  9. Heinz Munz said


  10. Cammi said

    6 Hours away again! Woot!

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