Crawling Into Adulthood.

June 1, 2011

Despite my location change, I can’t say my life has changed.  You know, I’d always heard about how your first move is the first major turn your life takes (I think peeing standing up, and going to college are also crowned with this award).  But my argument is this.  Even though we encounter huge changes in our lives, I wouldn’t say each one changes the way we act.  It’s not like my entire personality or habits change now that I’m a Chicagoan.  [Note: Here I use the term Chicagoan loosely, because I have yet to favor the Cubs, White Sox, Bears or Bulls, and doubt I ever will.]  Apparently, thanks to a Google-search, it was Abbie Hoffman who said “Today is the first day of the rest of your life,” and, while Ms. Hoffman isn’t Socrates or Plato, I would say that her words are worth living by.  She did not say, and I don’t believe anyone ever will say, “The events that happen today will undoubtedly change your life in incredible, unrecognizable ways and you will be a brand new person by tomorrow!”

If they do say that, don’t listen.  Take a piece of Chicago advice from me, and pretend they’re not there, glance at your iPhone like something interesting is happening, and saunter away in a different direction.

What I’m getting to is that even though I’ve had to sell my shit, buy a mattress, apply anti-humidity milk into my hair on a daily basis and accept the fact that I’ll have to sit next to the occasional stinky stranger on the Brown Line, I’m still the same person.  I haven’t stopped biting my nails when I’m nervous.  I haven’t completely abandoned my Oreo addiction, though I have lost some weight, miraculously.  I still have a billion ideas for stories, and only actually work on 12% of them.  And I rarely, if ever, smooth out my bedsheets in a presentable manner.  As seen in my previous blog post, old habits die hard.

And even if I was supposed to change, and become a whole new person, I’m not sure what would need to change.  I guess the opposite of what I mentioned?  Fully grown nails.  An Oreo allergy.  Writing 5K words a day.  Making my bed with military precision.  Sounds dull.  But I would become more of an adult if I did so, right?

Perhaps that’s what adulthood is: smothering your old habits and carrying out your life the way society would prefer you to.

Sounds terrible.  I’d much rather be my own person, thank you very much, and if that means I never make my bed, or give up delicious cream-filled chocolate cookies, or shave every day, then screw that.  I’ve already had enough adulthood to stand with all the bills I’ve had to pay.  From purchasing a couple-hundred-dollar mattress, to ripping out another rent check, to paying off my credit cards and phone bills, I’ve gritted my teeth and accepted that these things must be done.  So I guess you can say I’m crawling my way towards adulthood, gripping at the dirt and fighting every second of it.  Blech.

In other news, I’ve been reading quite a lot and listening to some fantastic music.  Because I haven’t done a Triple Shot entry in a while, here’s a quick rundown of three things I loved in the past week.

1.) Brandi Carlile’s “Live at Benaroya Hall…”
I’ve seen Brandi twice, and both concerts list in the top five best concert-going experiences I’ve ever had.  It’s nice to have this phenomenal folk rock artist pump out a gorgeous album like this one which includes a great rendition of “Pride and Joy” and a cover of “The Sound of Silence” sung by the twins, Phil and Tim.  Even if you’re new to Brandi’s music, do yourself a favor and pick this album up.

2.)  A Fraction of the Whole, by Steve Toltz
This is my second foray into this hilarious novel, and I’m loving it even more this time around.  Centering on the multiple mysteries surrounding his estranged father, Martin, Jasper Dean sets out to answer the billion questions he has about his orphan father, his murderous uncle and his dead mother, whose corpse happens to be missing from her grave.  Set in Australia, Paris and Thailand, it’s a rollicking adventure full of wit, dirty humor and heart.  One of my favorites.

3.) Midnight in Paris, a film by Woody Allen
We all have a fantasy that we should have been born in an earlier time.  “I’m an old soul,” you may have said once or twice.  In this film, Woody Allen shows us what would happen if we got our wish.  In it, Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) and his fiancée go to Paris to prepare for their upcoming Malibu wedding.  However, Gil, a writer who wishes he lived in the 1920s, falls in love with the city and begins going on evening strolls.  When the clock strikes midnight, he is whisked away into a world where Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemmingway and the Fitzgeralds thrive and the live music of Cole Porter echoes through the dance halls.  The movie was hysterical, witty and so much fun.  Make sure you catch it, because it’s definitely one of Allen’s best.

So that’s all for this fine Wednesday.  Off to grudgingly pay the rent check…



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