Triple Shot XXI

February 1, 2011

I would love to come up with a billion excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging, but a billion is admittedly a lot and I would mostly just like to start writing the blog and forget that I even hiatused. Deal? Good. HEY! Don’t give me that look…

Just got done with a killer set over at KHOL community radio, special guesting on Rachel S.’s show “The Morning Scramble” (or it could just be the “Morning Scramble”…not sure) and we played some badass music for the ears of Jackson Hole. For those of you who would like to listen to our two hours of FCC-approved debauchery and excellent music choices, please just click here: RADIO SHOW! You can stick it on in the background while you carry out your day in the manner of your choosing. That being said, I do have some things to get done today (1. Finish Cleaning Room 2. Clean Out Car 3. Return my Kindle to Amazon).

Yes, you read right. The Kindle blows. Being a person who works at a bookstore, you would expect this reaction, but you probably wouldn’t expect me to dip into my hard-earned gift certificate balance to actually get one. But I did, just to try it out. (Can’t knock it till ya try it, right? Wakka wakka.) And guh! So many things wrong with it. It’s slow, it’s frustrating, it’s electronic. I actually read a full book on it to do so, but I think I enjoyed the booklight that was attached to the Kindle’s leather case moreso than the Kindle itself. Maybe I should just buy a booklight. Anyway. Totally useless tool. I agree that if I were a business man traveling from one end of the world to another, constantly on a plane or in a train (“I would not like them in a Train, I would not like them Sam I Am, I would not like Green Eggs and Ham!”), then I can see the logic of having something like that at my disposal. But I still have time for books, so the Kindle can just suck it. $200 back in the gift certificate balance. Yip hip hoorah!

Also, another thing that’s happening is I am departing for Chicago on April 21st… Yep. Moving. Vamoose! Gone. Poof. Bye bye Jackson, hello iO Chicago and The Second City. I’ll be continuing my tutelage and pursuing some sort of “career” in improv. We’ll see what happens. I can’t wait to get out of this place, but I think you already knew that.

Now! On to the fun stuff.


I will publicly allow you to make fun of me all you wish, but if you’re going to go that route, you clearly don’t understand how cool this show actually is. It’s not just a late-90s show about a cute girl who stabs vampires with sticks. She doesn’t just battle the forces of darkness represented by ridiculous actors in heavy makeup and foam horns. It’s a hilarious television show that doesn’t take itself seriously and gets better with every episode (Although, please ignore the season 6 episode “Doublemeat Palace” in which Buffy takes a part-time job working at a fast food restaurant that serves human meat. Jane Espenson was quite possibly the most left-field writer on Buffy, constantly throwing out weird episodes, which were mostly redeemed due in part to her co-writing on season 7’s “Conversations With Dead People.” But mostly she just sucks.). Regardless, if you’ve never seen the show please check it out on Netflix, because it’s now available for instant watch. It’s a bit hokey in the first two seasons, but gets infinitely better as the show goes on. And that’s a Munz promise.

Uh…did I mention there’s a musical episode?



I got my hands on this a few weeks ago, and finally finished it just last week. Definitely read this as soon as it’s published (this week, I think), because it’s the best book I’ve read this year. (I’ve read 4 this month so far, and it’s definitely the best.) Ava Bigtree lives on a 100,000-acre island in the Florida Keys with her family of hillbilly amusement park owners. The park’s name? Swamplandia!, a humid, stinky paradise where tourists come to watch Ava’s famous mother swim with and wrestle alligators. When her mother passes away (by cancer, not by a carnivorous reptile), Ava decides to breathe life into the legacy her mother left behind. But Swamplandia! is getting broker and broker as a new themepark recently opened on the main land. Can the Bigtree family save the farm amusement park?!  God. Do yourself a favor and read this book. It’s humorous, heartbreaking, and contains some of the best characters in modern fiction. If you don’t love Ava’s sister Ossie by the end of the book, you have no heart. READ IT!

Fun for the whole family...!


In all honesty I think the only Iron & Wine song I know all the lyrics to is “Boy With A Coin”, and to be even more honest, I probably only know half of the words. Suffice it to say I’m not a huge Iron & Wine fan, probably from lack of trying to be one. I just never got into them like the rest of the world did. However, Amazon recently offered this brand new album for 5 dollas! (Did I mention my fatty gift certificate?) Right now they’re offering it for $6.99 mp3 download, so it’s still a steal. Click here: Iron & Wine Sample it, get it. It has a very obscure funky backbone to it. Just today Rachel S. and I played “Me and Lazarus” on the radio, so I’m doing my best to get the word out there. I won’t pretend to know much about music, so I’ll spare you my made-up details about the intricate aspects of the album. I will, however, tell you that my favorite tracks are the aforementioned “Me and Lazarus” as well as “Your Fake Name is Good Enough” and “Godless Brother In Love”. Mostly that last one.

MMmmm... new music.


So. Now that I can check off New Blog Post on my to-do list, I will get back to doing what I do best: Slacking off online and occasionally reminding myself that I have things to do today. Ha! Truth in that statement, folks. Alrighty. Have a lovely Tuesday, a lovely upcoming week, and hopefully things just tip in your favor. If I had the power to make that happen, you know I would.

And I’m out.



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