Triple Shot XVIII

October 4, 2010

Settle down, settle down. Yes this is a new blog post. The first in (yup) over a month. Chastise me, throw eggs, tomatoes, whatever you’d like, but just know that I am keeping you, dear reader, in mind.  I want to make sure that what I’m writing on this blog is worth the time it takes to both write it and read it.  I figure if I’m not going to talk about anything interesting I might as well stop blogging. In Chicago, Charna Halpern told us that “if you don’t have anything to say get your ass off the stage, because you have no business being up there” and I would argue that the same rings true for blogs.  Frankly I figure if I have nothing too interesting to say, then I wont write a blog.  If I do, then I will!  Right?  Right. So, I won’t apologize for being lazy (my reward is my free time, HA!), and rather just give you another Triple Shot after a long, long break. You’re probably all aching for some new music anyway. Happy Autumn and happy motherflippin October, bitches!


Because we’re clinging onto the final days of Summer, we must keep in mind that Autumn is moving in quick, and that means Winter (her bitch roommate) will be joining us sooner than we expect. Before there’s snow on the ground and we get all stoked for some winter awesomeness, so prepare yourself. Or don’t, if you’re like me, who pretty much avoids the weather report and then dances like a fool when the icy rain turns to snow. Yippee! Alright, sidetracking aside, my point is that it’s almost reading season, and that means I am going to recommend TWO books for you. Yep.

The first is “Eating Animals” which has now turned me into a vegetarian, thank you Jonathan Safran Foer. It’s a crazy good book that takes a much-needed peek into the processes of factory farming in the United States. The book doesn’t intentionally scare you into veggitizing yourself, but it does make you ask the question, “Why don’t I care what goes in my body?”  We’re always whining about animals getting tested by cosmetics manufacturers and then we buy Tyson chicken at the store (full of chicken-flavored “broth”, hormone injections and shit juice!) which was not killed in some humane manner. Quite the opposite. After a week or so of no meat, I feel great. Not counting my current flu. The other book I want to recommend is Emma Donaghue’s “Room” which is a phenomenal novel told from the perspective of a five-year-old boy named Jack who was born in captivity. His mother has been in this 11-by-11ft room for seven years and never stepped foot outside since she was 19. It’s a heartbreaking book, but utterly amazing, as the voice of Jack is so awesomely captured in the prose. Emma Donaghue understands the 5-year-old’s psyche. Which is nuts. READ IT.


Oh Sweden. You give us “Let the Right One In”. You give us Stieg Larsson. And now you give me First Aid Kit, a killer sister duo that cranks out harmonies like a matronly Mama cranks out knit sweaters, as seen in the below video. Only the songs have more warmth and love than those itchy sweaters ever could, amiright Ron Weasly? (My blog’s  first and final Harry Potter reference.) But guys, for serious. Their songs are amazing, and I snagged up all their available albums the first time I heard one of thier songs. The folky vibe, the beautiful vocals, their ever-so-slight accents. Golly gee. Hopefully you’ll dig them as much as I do.


David Fincher has yet to let me down, which is good news for his remake of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” and I absolutely loved “The Social Network” when I saw it yesterday. Holy balls. Excellent witty dialogue and fast, furious editing made for a great movie experience about a subject I don’t care too much about: the creation of Facebook. But hell, man! It was amazing. Who knew there was so much drama behind the scenes of everyone’s favorite website? (Yes it’s true. I’ve betrayed WordPress for Facebook these past months…) I don’t doubt it’ll be up for some awards this season, but I’m truly hoping for some Andrew Garfield recognition. Not because he shares my awesome first name, and the name of an awesome cartoon cat, but because his acting is near flawless in this film. I read he’s going to be the next Spider-Man which’ll be cool, but definitely see this film if only to watch his epic emotional roller coaster. Overall I was hella impressed and can’t wait to see it again; some of that dialogue was so fast I surely missed something.

There you go.



2 Responses to “Triple Shot XVIII”

  1. Mikey Sunshine said

    Did you use the phrase “hella impressed” or am I reading this incorrectly? At some point, please incorporate the word “fresh” into your blog. For example, “Moobs looked super fresh today in that sweater vest.”

  2. I agree – it was a surprisingly great film!

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