I’m (Not) Telling You Everything.

August 25, 2010

Dear 90% Munz Readers,

It’s come to my attention that I am a god-awful blogger.  For that I should apologize, and because this apology is present in the first paragraph of this catch-up blog, you should accept it, smile like a Japanese cartoon character and move on.  Not only have I just apologized, but you are now reading the blog that you’ve all been pining for!  And this blog is going to be deliciously long and detailed!!  Wow.  It’s like hitting a flock of birds with a handful of pebbles.  Pow pow pow.  Look at me go, ma.  Look at me go.  Well I’m back in Wyoming, which means that Chicago is behind me and a whole future of question marks lie ahead of me.  (Imagine fence posts replaced by question marks held together by horizontal exclamation marks.  Surreal!)  Here’s a little rundown for all you who say, “I wanna hear all about Chicago! Tell me everything!”  Please note that this request is utterly unrealistic and even if I did list EVERYTHING that I did, it’d be far more interesting for me than you.

Because my iO improv team in Chicago meant more to me than anything else I encountered while I was in the city, I will tell you all about them in this very long paragraph.  In alphabetical order, you have Ashley E., a lovely and talented teacher who I enjoyed many a laughs with.  This girl’s got a voice like an angel, and is probably the most supportive player I’ve met.  Corey A. was always there when the team needed some dry humor and sarcasm, and he donned one of the most amusing female voices I’ve ever heard.  Christy S. was our youngest and most beautiful teammate, and her enthusiasm was intoxicating.  She’ll go far.  David B. could pull out genius lines out of thin air (“Bring me three dead Chinese people, STAT!”) and could improve a scene just by being in it.  His characters were the most memorable out of all of us.  Eric H. was my favorite chain smoker, and one of the most fun improvisers to play with.  He takes the art of improv so ding-darn seriously (in a good way) and grew so much from day one to our final performance.  Gary L. was always a standout in my mind, because he was always so excellent at character work and tweaking the scene just so to make it all come together.  He was also one of the sweetest people in the group. Holly T. also was one of our singers, and her jazzy voice could make your heart melt. I loved acting with her and her crazy accents, and always looked forward to our scenes together.  Jarrod B. I will surely miss.  If there was one person in the summer intensive who loved improv and acting and all aspects of theater with all of his heart, it would be him.  His passion for process and the technical aspects of improv was huge.    John P. was hilarious, all the time, every time, day and night.  I will surely miss his prancing about and his distinctive laugh.  Force field!   Josh B., may the force be forever with him.  He was the one person who I could have a conversation about Star Wars with and not feel horrible.  And our scenes together were always a blast.  Mike S. was the most honest, down-to-earth person in our group, and had a heart of gold.  Not only was he a blast to play with constantly, you always felt like he was looking after you.  I still owe him $12…  Ruardt P. is a Polish-South African living in the Cayman Islands, and this was his first foray into improv, and rocked it!  Our resident suave ladies man.  And then, of course, there’s Saar B., our other ladies man.  Israeli-born and hilariously non-PC, Saar’s skewed worldview was one of the more interesting conversation-starters that we encountered.  I will always remember our awesome jail scene.  Steve B.  STAVE!  Okay, so Steve was our oft-quiet, oft-achingly funny teammate, and one of my favorite people to do scenes with.  With him, you never knew what was coming, and his onstage shenanigans (“Oh hey, yooooo”) were repeatedly epic.

So there you have it.  The fourteen most important, most memorable aspects of my trip to Chicago.  Sure there were lots of other fun experiences, but those I want to save for my own memories, not yours.  I also went to the top of skyscrapers and ate lots of pizza.  Overall, I had a good time in Chicago!  What else do you want to know?  (Studio Audience:  WE WANNA KNOW WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU!)  Oh, you do??  (Studio Audience:  YES!)  Oh, okay!

Well, I came back to Jackson a little over a week ago, and I was welcomed with wide open arms from just about everyone I ran into.  Even someone I didn’t recognize said, “Hey, welcome back!” in Pearl Street, which was nice.  Creepy, but nice.  I’ve been working full-time at my favorite bookstore, because unfortunately my Center for the Arts job fell through, but I’m coping well enough with what I have.  I’m living back at home with Mom, and life moves along just as it did before: hectic, pleasant, and a bit too stoic.  Stoicism comes with small-town life, so I’m not surprised.  After my intense taste of Chicago life (Spicy! Humid! Fantastic! “Look, Drag Queens!”) that sense of dullness is to be expected.  But home is home, and I’m happy…for now.

An afternoon dance between Ashley E. and Steve B.

I absolutely loved making new friends in Chicago, and I was so happy that our group got along so well (despite “The Week 2 Incident”).  Improv is definitely one of my passions (writing remains my first and most beloved) and I know that it’s something I would very much like to pursue.  And because of that pursuit, I cannot stay in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for much longer.  Well, I can but I’d rather not.  Recently I’ve been tossed quite a few great opportunities to stay, but I’m ready to move along and find another tree to nest in.  Yes, all these offers are enticing, and I’m going to have one hell of a Fall/Winter judging by what I already have lined up, but I’m now 23 years old and prepared to take some risks and extend my reach.  And the place I am reaching towards?  Portland, Oregon.

While I’ve never been there, I know that there is an improv scene and enough City to keep me happy without too much City to make me sour.  (Side Note:  Seeing concrete from horizon to horizon whilst atop the Hancock and Sears towers made me a little sick to my stomach.  I missed my mountains and woods.  You can take the bumpkin out of the country…)  In October, Emma P. and I are hitting up a Fun. concert (remember them!?) and I’ll see how I like it.  Based on the seemingly hundreds of people who I’ve told, everyone has said some singsongy degree of “Oh my god, you will LOVE Portland.  It’s soooo your city!!”  I can’t wait.

I would be seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

Plus I have a few friends who are either already out there or heading out there soon.  If I were to move, I would hold out the winter in J-Hole, and then move in April/May.  All in good time.  Stay tuned.

Are you happy now?  Jesus, Mary and Moses.  So much has been demanded of me, and I’ve not received a single welcome home gift.  I didn’t even win anything at a sparsely attended raffle on Monday.  God, you think you have such a great chance and then, BAM!  Nothing.  Heavy sigh.  I mean the prizes weren’t anything special.  No Boca Raton vacations or free kittens.  Oh well.  I am, however reading an amazing new book, listening to awesome new music and watching films that you haven’t even heard of!  A brand new Triple Shot will appear soon enough to inform you of these lovely things.  Yes, yes.  All in good time.

You heard correct.  I’m back.



3 Responses to “I’m (Not) Telling You Everything.”

  1. Ashley said

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! This made me so happy! LOVE!

  2. Paige said

    Geezz, took you long enough 😛 But seriuosly, I’m glad that you had a blast in Chicago and that you’ve made it back to J-Hole safely and with a warm welcome. Good luck with the Portland thing! I’m quite jealous of your ability to just go and do the things you want to do, I hesitate too much or maybe over think. Anyway…Can’t wait for the next triple shot…I’m in need of some entertainment outside of my norms.

  3. I hope i’m #15! You’re a talent bomb Andy!

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