Chicken of Choice.

July 27, 2010

Walking home at midnight in Chicago is no longer scary. It’s actually quite hilarious. Here is a small conversation I had whilst turning the corner on Barry and Sheffield right in front of Mathilda restaurant.

Woman: Ask this guy. Hey. Can I axe you, hey. What is the best chicken?
Me: (pause) Like a breed?
Woman: What?
Woman 2: Oh that shit is GOOD. Like breed of chicken!
Woman: No!
Me: Or like in a restaurant?
Woman: Yeah, like, what is the best chicken you eat?
Me: In all of Chicago?
Woman: Yeah, like in a restaurant.
Me: Well…I…
Woman: Like, you ever have Harold’s?
Woman 2: Aw hell no, you’s leading him!
Woman 3: Yeah, let him say.
Me: Hey, wait, you’re leading the witness…
Woman 2: Oh that shit is GOOD! HA! Leading the witness!
Woman 3: You know what? Thank you, breed, yes. Thank you. Now just go about your day.

(Police car pulls up with his window down.)

Police Officer: You about to get into a fight?
Woman 3: No officer, thank you. [to me] Thank you!
Me: Good night.

(I walk away. The police car drives off.)

Oh Chicago. How am I ever going to leave you?


One Response to “Chicken of Choice.”

  1. Robin said

    Now THAT is the shit!

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