Cheese + Caramel = Corngasm.

July 11, 2010

One plus side to living in a city like Chicago is that you have a 1 in 2,000,000 chance of running into the same person twice, unlike Jackson where you see the same person three times in one day (cue the awkward “We keep bumping into each other! Ah haa…” exchange).  While Tesha S.C., Kjera S.H. and I were perusing through the Maxwell Street Market (Farmers Market was a no-go), just a little bit south of the Loop, guess who we run into?

Andrew Zimmern and Rick Bayless. AGAIN!

I mean, come on, seriously?!  In a city of over two million we end up in the exact same spot two days in a row?  I’m not buying this whole city anonymity thing that everyone brags about.  Regardless of Same Celebrities Encounter #2 on Day #3, the three of us enjoyed passing through the market which was compared to as “the biggest garage sale ever”.  Everyone just brings their sellable shit and haggles a price.  We got three identical pairs of fake Ray Bans to sport for a nifty $10 price.  “I coulda gone lower!” Kjera S.H. said.

While I bragged about the killer food yesterday, why don’t I brag about the epic snacking we did today?  Dried kiwis and mangoes definitely appeased the growly stomach at the market earlier, but nothing could have satiated my sweet tooth better than (drumroll/fanfare please) Garrett’s Gourmet Popcorn.  Imagine delicious, crisp caramel corn mixed with bright orange pieces of cheese corn and you have quite possibly the only popcorn mixture in the world that deserves its own religion.  A view into the bag:

Hello Garrett.

Yeah, you’re jealous. Sorry, JH Twin Cinema…you’ve been beat.



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