Triple Shot XVII

June 1, 2010

Yesterday I sent off the 50 pages of my novel to the agent in New York.  I’ve been biding my time with it, reworking the beginning of the novel and obsessing over its content for months.  Last time I emailed him was December 1st, so six months later, I’ve finally submitted it.  While the novel is not yet done, I look forward to his feedback, positive or negative.  He told me it would still be a few weeks before he gets a chance to look it over, but I’m SO grateful that he’s actually taking the time to do so.  Pretty exciting.  In the meantime I’m going to continue writing and hopefully gain some good ground before the Jackson Hole Writers Conference at the end of June.  Pretty exciting!  Things are going well in my life.  And Chicago is a mere 38 Days away.

Here’s three exciting things I’ve been devouring this past week for your pleasure.


While the third season doesn’t start till June 13th (it feels like it’s been forever since we’ve had a new episode), the second season just recently came out on DVD, and if there’s one show that I suggest you pick up in lieu of the ending of that one show that starts with the letter L, it’s True Blood.  Most people shrug it off because of the vampire aspect, but this isn’t your typical teeny bopper, snuggle-with-a-vamp-and-don’t-get-bit storyline.  These vampires kill, maim, and swear.  Sookie Stackhouse, a Louisiana waitress, played by Anna Paquin, is our heroine, and there hasn’t been a better female character swarmed by vampires since Buffy.  The show is on HBO, so there’s really no holds barred.  The episodes are sexy, violent, bloody and often times pretty funny.  The cast is full of attractive people, so it’s not hard to tune in every week and take in its glory.  If you’ve not started watching, I strongly recommend you do.  Taste the first episode, and see if you like it or not.  But I’ll almost guarantee you will.

Sookie, Tara and Sam


(Kjera, don’t kill me.)  Triple Shot has in the past been dedicated to enjoying the finer things in life, but in order to enjoy the finer things, I think it’s also my job to have you avoid the not so finer things.  Case in point, Sex and the City 2.  I have not seen an episode of the show, and I only saw half of the first film, so perhaps my argument is pointless, but seriously folks.  Avoid this movie at all costs.  I attempted to understand what women saw in these four characters, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie, but I’m not even sure women understand why.  The screen is so filled with flashy dresses, shoe closets, abs, penis outlines and puns that it’s hard to attribute any humanity to these women.  There’s hardly a redeeming quality in any of them.  In the film Carrie throws a shit fit because her husband bought her a $1,200+ flat screen television for their anniversary, and has the audacity to say, “A piece of jewelery would have been nice”.  Then there’s the whole Abu Dhabi sequence that is just unnecessary and it embarrasses Americans.  Yeah, it’s a satirical film, whatever, but having Samantha flip off Muslims because they disapprove of her short shorts is distasteful and ridiculous.  Avoid!

"High Fashion"


As summer approaches I am a strong supporter of finding “summer music”.  That term usually refers to the kind of music you can blast in your car with the windows wide open and not have a care in the world.  While Fun is a good example of this kind of band, I am campaigning for Delta Spirit’s “History From Below” to be the first of the best of the summer.  The album does not come out until June 8th, but by some amazing twist of fate I was able to get my grummy mitts on it sooner.  I’ve loved Delta Spirit since their EP came out on iTunes when I was going to college in the fall of 2006.  Their other album “Ode to Sunshine” is pretty awesome too.  But I suggest you check out this song here, and enjoy what you hear.  The sound isn’t tremendously amazing, but the video sure is.  Ignore that dumb bitch screaming “STREETWALKER!!!”  It’s a good song, but this one, “White Table” is better.

Enjoy the clouds, Jackson folks.  Pray for sun.



One Response to “Triple Shot XVII”

  1. paige said

    MUNZ!!! I heart you greatly, and I’m super excited for you that your plays did wonderfully…and that you’re going to be in Chicago soon…but I’m in need of my Andy fix…I’m missing your glorious suggestions and quirky quips. 😛

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