How I LOST Faith (part 2 of 2).

May 28, 2010

DISCLAIMER: If you have not seen LOST and plan on doing so, this is probably not the blog to read.  This is part 2 of a 2-part blog that I’m writing to get over my previous obsession with LOST.  After six years of unquestionably admiring the show, I was recently screwed over with Sunday’s series finale.  After this entry, I will never write about LOST again.  To many of you, that will be a relief.

LOST began and ended with an eye.  The first scene of the show was a shot of Jack Shephard’s eye opening and the final shot is that of Jack’s eye closing.  Both shots take place in a bamboo forest on the Island.  This technique was planned from the beginning of the show, says Matthew Fox, the Wyoming-born guy who played Jack.  He said he always knew that it would end with him dying because the producers told him.  This is supposed to represent the fact that the entire show, from start to finish, had been mapped out.  Anyone with half a brain calls bullshit on this.

As I previously stated in the past blog, LOST’s enticing quality was the fact that it was so damn mysterious.  Everything about the circumstances that these plane crash survivors were in was mysterious.  We didn’t even learn how the plane crashed until season two.  The producers were smart to drop hints here and there, and add new mysteries in order to keep their fan base watching.  However, they started to get into a little more than they could handle, because with every new episode, one question would be answered and four new questions would appear.  If you continue that idea for six seasons, you get a load of unanswered questions.  I loved LOST like a reader loves Harry Potter.  Why?  Because it was an adventure show.  It wasn’t a “character-driven” show, as the producers and faux fans now defend it as.  It was an adventure that was too complex for the writers/producers to handle, and that’s what lead to its demise.

I won’t point blame and call out whose fault it was, because I don’t really care who took a wrong step, but I do want to address some major things that I felt needed to be explained for us to truly understand what the hell was going on in LOST.  And still want to know the answer to Charlie’s question, “Where are we?”  So here are a few gaping plot holes that I need to get off my chest.

Libby at Santa Rosa

  • Libby Now, Libby was an über-intriguing character.  She was a tail-section survivor of Oceanic 815, but she is the one main character that we never really learn anything about.  We know she’s had some nurse training and that she was married to a man named David who was a traveler.  We know she gave her sailboat to Desmond, and that she was fond of changing hair styles and hair colors repeatedly.  But the one twist that blew us viewers out of the water was that she was a patient at Santa Rosa Mental Hospital while Hurley was acquitted there!  This is the only time when two crash survivors are shown looking at each other during a flashback.  She is also the only survivor we meet whose reason for being in Australia is never revealed.  When Hurley asks why he knows her, she says he stepped on her foot while getting onto the plane.  This is a lie because she was in the tail section while Hurley was in the front.  Plus Hurley doesn’t remember this at all.  She is killed off in Season 2 without any bit of truth exposed, and then we’re just supposed to forget any of it ever happened.  But this is the one mystery plot hole that has killed me forever.
  • Walt Why make such a big deal of a kid’s kidnapping when we never find out why he was kidnapped in the first place?  Ben Linus reveals later on after the kidnapping that Walt was more than the Others could handle.  We are told “tests” were tried out on him.  Michael Dawson somehow communicated with Walt via computer, but how we never find out.  Walt appeared to Shannon dripping wet and whispering.  He also appeared to John Locke in season 3.  Then we see him briefly in season 4 and that’s the end of it.  The audience was constantly teased about his “abilities”.  Walt appeared to have the ability to manifest things from books, which is shown twice.  Once with an Australian bird, another with the polar bear in the comic.  But then he disappears from the show and we’re supposed to accept his disappearance just like that.  In season 6 we learn everyone was brought to the Island for a reason.  What was his reason?
  • Desmond Quite possibly the coolest character of the entire show also has his fair share of inconsistencies.  For one, after the hatch implodes, Desmond gets all supernatural.  For one thing, he can see the future.  But only Charlie’s future.  And then while the whole time travel subplot carries out, Daniel Faraday tells Desmond that the rules (of time travel, I assume) don’t apply to him.  Then we see him withstand extreme bouts of electromagnetism and survives.  WHAT?!  This guy turned into the superhero of the show.  We understand Superman’s powers, but why not Desmond friggen Hume!??! We see him referred to as “The Package” and a “Failsafe” but we don’t know shit about anything.  I guess the writers don’t either… Hmmm.  Damn.

So there’s three main mysteries that are still nagging at me, but there are hundreds more.  If this was such a “character-driven” show, why did they leave these three characters so vaguely detailed?  They only served their purpose to the plot, but they never get their due.  I don’t know.  It just bothers the crap out of me that we spent six years waiting for things to wrap up and the final episode leaves us with more questions than ever.  Don’t even get me started about that Heart of the Island bullshit.

I wish the writers finished the story they started rather than the one they found themselves in.  We were all waiting for closure, and it never came.  That’s why I’m denouncing this shit show for what it is: a messed up, confusing jumble of random ideas that tries so hard to be relevant, but then drowns in its irrelevance.  With that, I am done with LOST forever, and wouldn’t recommend anyone else to start watching it.  Anyone want to buy my DVDs of seasons 1-5?



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