Triple Shot XVI

May 25, 2010

I have never been in a relationship with anyone that lasted longer than my relationship with LOST.  I’m sure when my kids read that previous sentence they’ll be mortified by the level of geekiness their dad represents.  But on the bright side, my LOST obsession has ended with the recent season finale.  Unfortunately I’m left heartbroken.  (I will cover this in detail in an upcoming blog.)  With only 45 days left until Chicago the reality is beginning to weigh heavy on me.  I completely paid off my tuition to iO Theater, and my plane ticket is all set, so I’m ready.  At least, I think I’m ready.  I realize that come August, I won’t have much money to my name.  I will also be jobless and homeless.  This means that I’m more than likely going to look for work/living options while in Chicago.  Which might mean me moving to Chicago in 45 days…  Who knows.  I’m taking every day as it’s offered.

I’m pretty sure I promised an additional blog between last Tuesday and this Tuesday and I didn’t deliver.  Sorry about that.  At least I’m keeping up with Triple Shot, right?  LOST blog will come soon. Pinky promise.


With the film coming out this summer I want to inform all of you of Scott Pilgrim’s epicness.  Unlike most anime-sized comic books of the type, Scott Pilgrim is hilarious, awesome, Canadian and full of action (both violent and sensual).  Scott is a bassist for the band Sex Bom-Omb and the books (book 6 coming out in July) chronicle his love for Ramona Flowers.  However, the only thing that stands in the way of Scott and Ramona’s happy ending is an onslaught of Ramona’s evil ex’s, seven past loves who have come back to battle Scott for Ramona’s heart.  It’s amazing.  I’d recommend it for anyone with even the slightest interest in comics or video games.  This isn’t just for guys either, so I expect you ladies to get on the band wagon too.  Read the books before the movie!  Michael Cera stars as Scott, which I am very “meh” about.


I am having a really good time directing my play at the moment.  My cast is solid and they’re really adding a lot to the show.  Sometimes I get a little worried because I’m the playwright as well as the director, so when I say things like “Find the energy and emotion in this line” it could be perceived as pompousness.  My play isn’t perfect, which I’ve long since accepted, but helping these guys find the ups and downs of the play has been a challenge.  Yesterday I had them walk around the room non-stop while reciting their lines with as much energy as was necessary in the context.  It’s been quite the task, but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless.  There’s some magic in seeing something you’ve written come alive on stage, and it’s a fantastic feeling I hope I never get used to.  “Those Days” premieres on June 3rd at 7:30 at the Center for the Arts.  Two more shows on June 4th and 5th.


Although I would not recommend seeing this movie in Jackson, I urge you to see it anyway.  I’ve been excited about the release of the movie ever since I heard about it months ago.  Jackson finally got the film on Friday, but rather than an actual reel-to-reel film, they got a shitty DVD, with horrible picture, sound and subtitles and have no problem charging $9.00 for it.  It’s a joke.  Anyway, the film stays very, very true to the mystery novel by Stieg Larsson, but ignores some subplots that I think have relevance later on.  For example, Erika Berger and Mikhail Blomkvist’s sexual relationship is never mentioned, and Lisbeth Salander’s twin sister is also never touched on.  Even so, Noomi Rapace plays an EXCELLENT Lisbeth, and the cast for the most part is pretty impressive.  I was very pleased by the adaptation and can’t wait for the next film.  Unfortunately Hollywood has already snatched up the rights to an American remake, so David Fincher will be directing his take.  There’s no point though.  The film is perfect as it is.  SEE IT.

LOST blog coming in two days…



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