The Deadline.

May 8, 2010

With only 62 days until July 9th left, I need to get crackin’.  Even though I quit my hotel job (never have to go back there again, HA!) I still have a whole lot I have to get done before I leave for Chicago.  For one thing, there’s the Medieval play that Justin P. and I haven’t even rehearsed.  We perform on Friday…  And then there’s the two plays that I’m part of:  “Dick” the play I’m in, and “Those Days” the play I am directing.  There’s that whole teaching improv to high schoolers thing that lasts until June.  Oh, right!  And my novel of course, which I recently agreed to FINISH before I leave.  That means July 8th is my deadline for completing my novel.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that, but I guess it’s both good and bad.  Good in the sense that I have something to work towards, a finishing point, if you will.  Bad because it’s only sixty-ONE days away.

The feat is not impossible.  I just need to write every day and really put it together the way I want.  To say I’m “close” is relative.  Who knows exactly how long “A Good View of the Mushroom Clouds” will be?  What I do know is that the direction I’m heading with this story is exactly the kind of story I want to tell, so that’s definitely a bright side.  Writing this novel is not at all a chore, but rather that episode of “LOST” that I always look forward to.  Well…maybe not AS exciting as “LOST” but still pretty insanely cool.

Speaking of “LOST” if you haven’t watched it, Do!  Seriously.  And if you’ve given up, I recommend you get back on the wagon immediately.  You’ll regret it.  The previous episode was phenomenal.  Three more left…

I’m afraid I don’t have too much to write this week, as a few of you have noticed.  (Anonymous Reader:  “you’re supposed to post more often than once every three days.  i’m stick of waiting.  new new new!”)  With working at the Center and all there’s not just too much to report on, I’m afraid.  Mother’s Day is tomorrow, though.  So get your mom some flowers and a kiss!


PS:  I’ve spent like 20 minutes trying to find some sort of image to attach with this mini-blog, but I have no idea what to do.  Instead I shall offer a link to where you can find hilarious and very cool LOST gear, if you’re so inclined. I kind of want all of those shirts.  Click Here.


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