Triple Shot XII

April 27, 2010

“You know what quitting tastes like?” my baseball coach in 6th grade asked.  “It tastes like CRAP! Now get out there!”  I can’t remember if I lasted till the end of the season, but I definitely didn’t continue the year after.  To this day I hate baseball with a fiery vengeance.  I bring up the subject of quitting because it doesn’t always taste like crap, Coach P.  In fact it tastes delicious.  Especially when you quit a job that you hate, which is exactly what happened this past week.  Goodbye hotel world.  Forever.  So I’m going to work a few more hours over at the bookstore and the box office, and will finally have time to work on my novel.  What this means for my pre-Chicago budget, I’m not quite sure, but I’m just going to go for it.  My goal is to finish my novel before I leave to the Windy City, so eliminating a full-time job will be awesome in that effort.  I could totally be screwing myself over, but that’s fine.  I have lots of little projects lined up:  teaching improv to high schoolers, doing a skit for the Medieval fair at the middle school, and possibly writing more articles for the paper.  Sweet, yo.

But without further ado, here’s three things that are making things even awesomer in my life.


I’ve never been much of a comic book reader.  I just never really got into it.  I loved action figures of comic book heroes, and Batman remains my favorite, but as a kid I just passed them over.  I don’t think there was a big reason for it, (I didn’t get into baseball cards either for some odd reason…hmm…) but they just didn’t interest me.  Now in my adult life, when I feel like I’m even geekier than I was ten years ago, comic books are really growing on me.  Especially “Y: The Last Man”!  The premise of this epic is that there was a “gendercide” plague that eliminated every mammal with a Y chromosome.  So that means every male in the world died, and women rule the earth.  However, Yorick, a twenty-something dork, and his monkey, Ampersand, have survived.  All he wants is to be reunited with his Australian-bound girlfriend, Beth, but ends up running into anti-male cults, ninjas, ex-cons, Israeli militants, heroin-dealing pirates and his evil sister, Hero.  It’s fantastic!!  It’s now collected in a 10-volume series, so I suggest you pick it up ASAP.  As a person who doesn’t like comic books, take my advice and check it out.


Just yesterday I told someone how much I liked “Ghost Writer” and they said, “The shitty Nicholas Cage movie?”  No, no not THAT.  That’s “Ghost Rider“, I told them.  Yeesh.  Anyway, GO SEE “THE GHOST WRITER”!  It stars Pierce Brosnan as a former Prime Minister of England, who is having his memoirs being ghostwritten by a successful author, Ewan McGregor.  Ewan’s unnamed main character finds himself swept up in a crazy plot full of war secrets, lies and mistaken identities.  The previous ghost writer committed suicide under strange circumstances, and now Ewan must decide whom to trust.  It’s a very, very good film directed by Roman Polanski.  And if you’re boycotting it because of who directed it, it’s your loss.  The only thing that bothered me was that it was edited from an R-rating to a PG-13, so there are lots of obvious dubbing moments.  Clearly characters will say “Fuck” but then you hear “Damn”, and it’s so so so so SO distracting.  Otherwise, the film is ace.


No comedian fascinates me more than Ms. Silverman.  Eddie Izzard may be my favorite comedian, but Sarah never fails to make me laugh, cringe and dry-heave all at the same time.  Her book “The Bedwetter” is definitely the best autobiography I’ve read since Andre Agassi’s “Open”.  Though it jumps back and forth like crazy, so it’s kind of hard to follow, but it’s so plainly written that it’s a breeze to read.  Who knew Sarah Silverman was a chronic bedwetter well into her teens?  Or that every skit she ever wrote for Saturday Night Live was vetoed in the writers room?  What I love about her is that she’s never afraid to speak her mind.  She’s just all over the place, making race jokes and poop jokes like they’re acceptable.  And to Sarah, they are.  As non-PC as she is (and by that I don’t mean she’s more Apple), there’s definitely something refreshing about her.  Very few people are as ballsy and “edgy” as she is, and I love it.  Here is a picture of her imitating Britney Spears’ vagina.  Enjoy.

My cast for “Those Days” is assembled.  While explaining the plot, my buddy Brian L. started bringing up “A Clockwork Orange”, “1984”, and “Fahrenheit 451″…  Yeah, I’m proud.



3 Responses to “Triple Shot XII”

  1. Nils said

    “The Ghost Writer” might be good but can we at least acknowledge the 90’s PBS show of the same same sans space? “Ghostwriter” was my favorite (save a guilty Wishbone pleasure) show. Well, there was Bill Nye and 321 Contact… but Ghostwriter was the best FICTION show.



    P.S. Love the blog. Keep it up.

    • Robin said

      EWwwww. i thought “The Ghost Writer” was just awful. The rinkydink soundtrack- “retro”, but in the most tortured, irritating way, the wretched acting ( oh please, Kim Cattrall…guk) the juvenile plot, which was not even a nano-challenge to the tiniest brain cell , the whole “I’m so hip, I can be just flat out terrible and people will think it’s retro-art, “retrart” which rhymes with fart, which stands for, well in pg-13 speak, “poop”
      I did like the window and the rain. And Ewan MacGregor, who kept me from leaving the theatre.
      I do love your blog andy. I think you’re great!
      rantingly yours,

  2. andrewmunz said

    Kim Catrall’s in-and-out clicker pen accent was horrible. “Sometimes I’m British,” she seems to say, “but mostly, I just want to convince you that I’m an actress.”

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