Heart of GoldenEye.

April 22, 2010

I remember the conversation at the dinner table one night when I was about 9 or 10.  I was begging my dad (sitting to my left) and my mom (on my right) that they would buy me a Nintendo 64, because of my original excuse:  “Everyone in the neighborhood has one!”  Of course their response was, “Well, why don’t you play theirs?”  Of course this frustrated me.  It was a logical question, but I wanted my OWN.  My own Nintendo 64 with my own controllers and my own games.  I don’t even know if everyone on the block truly did have their own system (I know James D. did), but damn I wanted one so bad.

My sisters and I never had a gaming console.  We got a GameBoy with the games “Tetris” and “Alleyway” when I was probably 6, but even that we didn’t play too much.  My mom probably played “Tetris” more than the three of her kids combined.  Anyway, so when it came to consoles, we had all only played Nintendos and Segas at other people’s houses.  The new release of the Nintendo 64 was huge, and, damn it, I wanted one for myself.

When I did get the system (after a Garage Sale and a ride from my dad to Kmart), I was HOOKED.  Some of my favorite games included “Rampage: World Tour”, “Crusin’ USA”, “Wave Race”, and, of course, “Super Mario 64”.  But these games were all fairly repetitive (Mario excluded) and boring (Rampage excluded), so when someone introduced me to “GoldenEye 007” I was HOOKED.  Before the game I can’t say I was much of  a James Bond fanatic.  This was about the time when the movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” came out, and I remember hating that movie at first.  But “GoldenEye” really got me jonesin’ for some Bond.  It was my first 1st-person shooter (i.e. the gun is in clear view, and the television is projecting what your character sees) and I loved it.

I understand not everyone who reads this is going to be like “OH YEAH! I REMEMBER THAT!”, but here’s the thing.  “Goldeneye” paved the way for good 1st-person shooter video games, and even if you’re not into video games, you should know this fact.  I’m sure it’ll pop up on some Trivial Pursuit game one day.

Can we talk about how amazing “GoldenEye” is?!  The movement was so fluid, and the missions (so many of them) were all pretty excellent.  Except for Streets and Depot which were always kind of boring and confusing because you were never sure you were still going in the right direction.  Mulitplayer was always 10x better anyway.  Nothing was better than choosing “Power Weapons” and then battling it out in the “Complex” with a good friend.

The reason I’m a bit nostalgic is because I know there are N64’s out there, and I know I could get my hands on one if I wanted to.  But in a way I feel like my gaming days are over.  Not that I want to jump into adult pants anytime soon, (sadly, my Osh Kosh B’gosh overalls don’t fit me anymore), but although the urge to play video games is still there, I could definitely live without them.  Though, if I ever become a father, I bet you $10 that I’ll be sitting down with my kids and telling them to cough up the controller, or hologram wand or whatever we’ll be using to fake-shoot people  in twenty years.

Thankfully my memories have an unlimited supply of lives.  (Cheat: A, B, down, up, R, L, Start)



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