Triple Shot XI

April 20, 2010

The bike path is behind my house and with Spring rapidly nesting itself into the lives of outdoor Jackson yokels, traffic is a-boomin’.  Every single time I look out my window there’s either a jogger, a dog-walker, a rollerblading mom pushing a carriage, or those two cougars that “power walk” to fool themselves into exercising.  What is it about Spring that causes people to suddenly become runners?  I won’t lie and say that I’m not also jumping onto this bandwagon, but seriously!  April/May bike path traffic is ten times more bustling than June/July.  Probably because it’s the only outdoor place people can really work out; the snow is melting so skiing is out, and 80% of the hiking trails in the valley are still snow-covered or muddy as hell.  That being said, it does make for some very interesting people watching.

Had a bit of improv last night.  We have some shows coming up this weekend at the Center for the Arts.  Pretty stoked about that!  Also had auditions for the One Acts this June, and my play “Those Days” is about 66.6% cast right now.  I’m still waiting on an affirmative from another actor, but once that role gets squared away, it’s time for rehearsals, baby.    On the other hand here’s some other cool shit.


I’ve never been one for sci-fi (or, god forbid, “syfy”) books.  I will admit to reading a few “Star Wars” novelizations in my day as well as a book based on the video game “Halo”, but that’s beside the point.  I just get a little bogged down and turned off by all the technical jargon, the alien races, the new religions, and old sages telling the newbies how it used to be.  There’s so much stupid backstory that I can hardly keep it all straight.  In high school we had to read “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card, and it was one of those books that you pretend to read and then look up the answers online for the quiz.  So finally I got around to reading it this past week and really enjoyed it.  Thankfully it was just enough sci-fi to not make my brain implode, and enough real-life elements to make it a compelling story.  When you have a book about 6-year-olds getting recruited into the (space-flavored) Air Force to help Earth battle a violent alien race called the Buggers, you definitely need a good dose of action and realism.  I really enjoyed it, and tried reading the sequel “Speaker for the Dead”, but couldn’t get thirty pages into it.  I’m sure others will disagree with me, but I’d say satiate your action-book yearnings by reading “Ender’s Game” and skip the rest.


Because of my recent enjoyment of the sass, spunk and groove of R&B artist Jill Scott, I stumbled upon the HBO show “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency”, watched the season and really dug it.  Jill Scott plays Precious Ramotswe, a female private detective in Botswana, Africa.  I knew there was a book series, but never really cared to pick it up and try it out.  I think everyone can agree that there’s something awesome about traditional African culture, whether its the camaraderie of village life or the undying appreciation for every day lived.  The show incorporates an optimism that is missing from a lot of shows, especially the hundreds of mystery shows on air right now.  Although it’s only 7 episodes, the show never lets down and never loses its pace.  If you’re looking for a feel-good Netflix pick, and want an interesting, intriguing break from your daily life, then I definitely think you should try it out.  Few DVD series’ have ensnared me with this much heart.


What, you think I’d grown soft on you?  Hell no.  Alright, if you’re gonna be heading to the movies this weekend you have a few options.  First off, you could go see some of the new releases like “The Losers” (“Smokin’ Aces” 3.0) or “The Back-up Plan” (Jennifer Lopez…).  Personally I could probably take a crap on both and not think twice, BUT “Kick-Ass” is where your money should be at.    Not only is it a hilarious comedy, but it’s also one hell of an action film.  Every review you hear will probably be about the 12-year-old girl who swears like a sailor and kills people, but Hit-Girl is only part of the fun.  “Kick-Ass” plays like a parody of superhero flicks, cramming in the clichés, but always conscious of every move.  You have the evil father/son relationship, nerd who wants the hot chick, practicing karate movies in front of the mirror, etc.  But there’s also a whole lot of originality to the film, which is not afraid of mixing plausibility with What-The-Shit? moments.  Our heroes get the crap kicked out of them.  Bones get broken, bruises don’t heal quickly, and sometimes they just gotta yell “Damn it, that hurt!” and spit some blood to the curb.  If you’re not a big blood person or if you don’t like little girls using the C-word (yes, that word), then you should probably check out Jennifer Lopez instead.  Otherwise, cough up your cash and watch Kick-Ass kick ass.

I just realized that this is the second Triple Shot I’ve posted that portrays a young girl in a school uniform with a weapon in her hands.  What can I say?  I dig chicks in movies who can kill people.  It’s awesome!  Right?!  You’re with me, RIGHT?!  Haha.  Have a good week, yous guys.



3 Responses to “Triple Shot XI”

  1. Paige said

    Even though I said it in my own..Kick-Ass is kick ass. LOVED IT! please keep these coming, they make my tuesdays so much more deal-withable. 😉

  2. Sara said

    Give it a little while and try reading Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Shadow. It is the same story as Ender’s Game but told from the perspective of one of the other characters. -Sara

  3. Cammi said

    I can’t even say the c-word out loud. That 12 year old girl is a gutsy little c-word.

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