Triple Shot X

April 13, 2010

X means 10, which means I’ve been blogging for 10 weeks, folks.  That’s kind of nuts.  It’s snowing out and I just finished watching “Return of the Jedi”, which is definitely still awesome even after all the times I’ve seen it.  The original Star Wars trilogy is just damn good, and it’s a shame the Star Wars name had to be attached to those prequel things.  God those sucked.  Of course I was like 11 when the first movie came out and it was the most amazing thing ever, but now that I’m older, (I like to think that) I have better taste.  Mum comes back from Austria tomorrow which is cool.  And there are new episodes of “Glee” and “Lost” tonight, which is also über exciting.  Seeing how the snow won’t cease up I might just have to spend my day inside cleaning up…

Here’s three things that have made my week grandiose.


Shit on her all you want.  It’s a pretty well known fact she’s no Meryl Streep when it comes to acting, but this chick has got to be one of the coolest people alive, and I admire her a lot.  She started out modeling (I think she still continues to) and then worked her way into acting when she was young.  A weird, little-known fact is that she’s also a singer/songwriter and she’s kind of good!  It’s very 90’s Cat Power mixed with Fiona Apple, and still pretty awesome.  She has one majorly released album out called “The Divine Comedy” (link & song previews here) and a bunch of free singles on her website.  I just rewatched “The Fifth Element” and “Dummy”, and she’s totally one of my favorite actresses, if not just for her demeanor and awesome voice.  The 4th “Resident Evil” movie is coming out this September and I cannot wait.  No one wields guns and swords like Milla… For your viewing pleasure, here is the strange, rock-Yiddish Klezmer band that Milla sings in from the movie “Dummy”.


For those of you unfamiliar with LARP, it stand for Live Action Role Playing.  Most of us have heard of (or even played) Dungeons and Dragons, and LARP is the act of getting rid of the dice and sitting around, and actually dressing up like your fantasy character and taking the game to the next level.  Now, at first I was under the impression that these people just dressed up like elves and dwarves for fun, but LARP actually has rules and a whole point system.  It’s like capture the flag for even bigger nerds.  In the documentary “Monster Camp”, which I highly recommend you rent/watch/own, you begin to realize that these participants aren’t necessarily imbalanced or weird, but rather they’ve found something that pulls them out of reality and throws them into a world where they can be “themselves”.  One girl in the film said she didn’t have any friends before doing LARP, and others said they can finally feel confident when they play the game.  So I think it has some really positive connotations.  I’m definitely going to write a play about it.  I just ordered the 200-page rule book online for reference, and there’s a LARP camp in Colorado that does this stuff.  Anybody want to come and observe with me?


My novel hates me.  And I’m sure the people anxious to read my novel hate me too.  Recently I’ve been devoting a lot of my time to writing plays rather than fiction.  Since I gave up on Script Frenzy to work on the novel, I don’t know exactly who I’m disappointing.  Either way I’m cranking out the goods.  I’ll be directing one of my original plays in June entitled “Those Days” as part of a series of one-acts.  We start auditioning this Saturday and Sunday, so I can’t wait to see who I can get to be in it.  I’ll need 3 actors, two male, one female.  The nice thing about plays is that I can really just focus on the dialogue to propel the story forward rather than descriptions, lingering thoughts, what-ifs and so on.   And since the whole LARP thing has inspired me to write a play rather than a novel, I have a better feeling that I can achieve my goal.  I’m not saying play writing is easier than novel writing…  Okay maybe I am.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be a playwright some day and the novel will just be a side project, rather than the other way around.   Things go well, readers.  Things go well.

Last year's One Acts; I played Carl in "Carl is Dead"

And seriously, guys?  Screw this snow.  IT’S APRIL!



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