April 10, 2010

“La la la la la….”

Why do we even buy DVDs anymore?  Personally, I used to be a DVD-buyin’ nut, purchasing all of the movies I enjoyed seeing in theaters.  When I look at my DVD waste pile collection, I almost get depressed thinking about how much money I’ve spent on movies I definitely don’t watch “over and over” no matter how much I try to convince myself I will…  I mean seriously, how many times am I gonna call up my friends and be like, “Oh my god, we HAVE to watch the Lord of the Rings extended editions this weekend. We’ll have a marathon!!”   Yeah…not very often.

So, get this.  “Daria” is coming out on DVD soon.  The complete series.  My sister Heidi and I would watch “My So Called Life” together on MTV back in the day (you remember “the day”), and “Daria” came on right afterwards.  I loved it.  It was almost my favorite cartoon (“Angry Beavers” still takes the cake).   And now that the whole series is gonna be available, I want to have it so badly.  But the question therein is If I buy the series, will I continue to watch them once I’ve completed them.  My heart tells me “Yes, oh yes!” but my head tells me “Dude, save your $50.”

Netflix saves lives.  If not lives, then bank accounts.  And if it’s not saving your bank account, get a lower plan, idiot.  With Netflix there’s really no reason to buy DVDs anymore.  Most of the movies will be able to be viewed Instantly, and if they haven’t then they will for at least a week.  Just wait.  There’s all this hype and pressure to have your own kick-ass entertainment system at your house and now going to the movies is almost irrelevant if you have the patience to wait for a DVD release.  The easy thing would be to buy the film and waste your $20 (or $30, Blu-Rayers), but, dude, you can SAVE your money and just put it on the top o’ your Neflix cue.  Oh sorry.  Queueue.

I’d love to be like “Daria” will be the last DVDs I ever purchase… But “True Blood” is coming out on DVD in the same month.  I already own the first season of that so now I HAVE to continue, because you don’t just buy one season and then skip all the others.  Actually I did that with “Joan of Arcadia”…and “Smallville”… and I think I gave both of those to Hillary C.

I love Netflix, but there are definitely times when I’d rather not have a scratchy, used DVD with a sticker on it and just have a copy of my own.  But I already own the DVDs of all my favorite movies…

To be honest I don’t even know what I’m complaining about.  HAPPY SATURDAY!



4 Responses to “DVDilemma.”

  1. Tracy said

    Yeah, I gave up on buying DVD’s a while back…because I, too, have the entire Lord of the Rings Director’s Cut DVD set…two of which have never been opened. We should totally have a MOVIE WEEKEND…where we never get out of our pj’s and watch movies ALL WEEKEND!

    You let me know when you have a weekend free, and I’ll do the same.

    Being an adult sucks.

  2. Wry-Dog said

    I am willing to take LOTR extendeds off of anyone’s hands… i would accept most dvds actually

    • Wry-Dog said

      if you live alone I understand, but your DVD collection will come into play a whole lot more when you have more residents.

  3. andrewmunz said

    Wry, you are the only person I would call up and have a LOTR marathon with.

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