Triple Shot IX

April 6, 2010

The Easter reuniting didn’t really amount to anything.  My sister shook my hand and wished me “Happy Easter”, and my brother in law saluted me with a beer can in his hand.  We didn’t talk or interact much, so I left.  It was awkward.  Family gatherings around the holidays usually are, so it wasn’t too surprising.  Last night I went on another late-night sledding adventure, invited the masses, but no one had their own sled.  What is wrong with you people?  You live in a mountain town where it snows constantly and there’s a billion hills and you don’t have a $6.99 sled?  Anyway, Jeff B., Mila B., Jaia M. and I took two intense runs through powder and it was a blast.  Not as fast or dangerous as last time we went, but still pretty epic.  No broken foot this time around!  Jackson Hole Mountain Resort = 1  Andrew Munz =1

Otherwise, here’s a few things that have made the rest of my week.


My friend Justin P. and I were talking movies a week ago, and I can’t remember how “Battle Royale” came up, but it did.  I hadn’t seen the film in a long time so I busted out my DVD and watched it just the other day.  This movie is INSANE, folks.  It’s about a group of middle school students in Japan that are gassed and left on a deserted island, only to be given weapons and told to kill one another until their is only one person left standing.  It’s a very dystopian film and it brings up the valid question of “If you were in a kill or be killed situation with your best friend, what would you do?”  The students have a 3-day time limit and if there are more than just one student remaining, then they all die.  The book is pretty phenomenal as well, touching on the backgrounds and personalities of all the students involved.  Although the film is a gorefest, it’s a pretty well-made film and is definitely a must-see for those who are even slightly interested.

2.)  GLEE

On a lighter note, my mom and I just finished the first 13 episodes of “Glee” (the next half of the season premieres April 13th), and I fell in love with it.  Having been in choir and musical theater in high school it definitely hearkens back to those days when I was also the lame kid in school who did plays.  Although Willi B.’s and my face didn’t get defaced in the year book when we were named class thespians, I definitely received some grunt from peers who just didn’t understand why I’d pick “Footloose” over Track team (Not that I could have excelled at track even if I tried…).  “Glee” is about a glee club in Ohio, a show choir that plans on competing against other choirs in their area.  The group is made up of misfits and outcasts until they get end up getting star football players and cheerleaders.  For the most part the show is very realistic in portraying high school life (with an exception of the slushie-face thing) and I give it high marks for that.  Auditions are being held online for Season 2 and I’m planning on sending in a tape.  It would be killer to be part of something that amazing.  See it if you haven’t!


On my neverending quest to lose weight, I’ve come across the coolest bit of technology to help motivate me on my routine morning jogs (unless when there’s snow on the ground…like now…).  Stealthily hidden underneath the sole of my Nike+ shoe, there is a small compartment for this little orange and white sensor.  I put my shoes on, and my iPod tells me to walk around to activate the sensor.  When I do, my iPod will now record my distance, my time, and my speed all while playing music.  Occasionally when you’ve reached a goal you set, like, say, 1 mile, the “trainer” will speak into your headphones and say “1 mile complete”.  It’s amazing!  Unfortunately my sensor conked out after my second run, so I have a replacement coming in the mail, but still.  It’s pretty cool.  And once you finish your run and upload the information onto your computer, the Nike website tracks it.   I don’t want to be Mr. SpokesPerson here (Nike won’t pay me a cent…) but seriously.  If you like to run, it’s the best gadget you can get.  Also, if you don’t have a Nike shoe, they make little pouches for the sensor that you can attach to any shoe.

And that concludes this week’s Triple Shot. Good luck with the shoveling, fellow Wyomingites.



One Response to “Triple Shot IX”

  1. Paige said

    So, Aaron and a couple of his friends were talking about Battle Royale a few weeks ago…I never imagined that you would own it. Crazy stuff. Now that everyone I listen to for entertianment choices has mentioned it I think it’s time I find a copy. oh and … STUPID SNOW. 😉

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