Happy Zombie Day?

April 4, 2010

I have to say I laughed pretty hard when I heard someone refer to Easter as Zombie Day.  Yes, it’s totally blasphemous and wrong on a few religious levels (here and there), but I figured it was deserved of a laugh in good nature.  Today I am eating chocolate.  Eddie Izzard once said that we eat chocolate on Easter because the brown of the chocolate matches the color of the wood on the cross…  Another laugh at the savior’s expense.  Aye me.


In the spirit of bringing dead things back to life, I am heading over to my dad’s house today for some Easter bruncheon.  I was informed that my estranged sister, her husband and my nephews would be there as well.  Now, I don’t want to make this blog so crazy personal that it becomes  a diary of sorts (remember Julie Powell…?), but seeing how this is pretty significant I should probably write something.  I haven’t spoken to my sister (with the exception of a “hi” or a “hey” here and there) in two years, so today will either result in happy hugs and “I’m sorry”s, or things will be as they always are and none of us will see eye-to-eye.  And then everyone will do their best to act happy and neutral.  The best part about it is that, other than me, no one in my family has any acting experience.  You know how Julianne Moore is apparently returning to “As The World Turns” for a brief stint?  Well, I think today’s going to kind of be like that.  [Disclaimer 1: That will be the first and only time I ever refer to myself as Julianne Moore.]  [Disclaimer 2: Despite our downfalls, my family is still pretty awesome. Don’t get me wrong.]

mmm... brains! NEEED BRAINS!

Also in the news, I recently found out that my play “Raincoat” will be performed in New York at the Spoon Theater in midtown Manhattan.  Performance dates are June 4th-6th.  Unfortunately I won’t be attending because I’ll be directing another one of my plays on the same weekend.  So, at opposite ends of the country, I, Andrew Munz, will have 2 plays being performed on the same nights.  HA!  Yeah, I’m kind of excited…

I gave up on the Script Frenzy…frenzy.  Only because I don’t have time for it, and I’d much rather dedicate my free time to casting and directing my play as well as working on my novel which is slowly coming to a close.  While I’ve not completely discounted the idea of writing a screenplay, I shall take one project at a time because I’m starting to drown myself in my creativity.  Which sounds like an artist’s dream, right?, but it’s kind of nerve-racking.

I hope you all have a good Rising From The Dead day.  Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on my door just now, which is weird, but then I remembered they don’t believe in zombies.  I was wary.  They were pretty stoic and looked like they wanted to eat me.  Thankfully I remembered Rule #1 of “Zombieland” is Cardio.  So, I just took their pamphlet and ran.



One Response to “Happy Zombie Day?”

  1. Paige said

    I’ll admit it took me a moment to realize what was meant by Zombie Day, then it dawned on me…*facepalm*. Congrats on getting your plays going, especially the one in New York. Good luck with everything luv!

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