Munz’s Spring-Flavored Mix.

March 26, 2010

Coworker Mike calls me Mix-Master Munz for no real reason.  I guess it sounds pretty cool, and I usually let out a cool “Heyyy” in response to live up to it.   He also pronounces my last name “moooons”, which is not as cool.  According to a friend (a very reliable source) I do make some pretty killer mixes, so it got me thinking.  I am always, always on the hunt for new music and stuff that sounds amazing, and I like sharing those discoveries with other people.  When Triple Shot comes around I sometimes go for a good band to share, but this time I think I want to make CDs for you loyal blog readers.  That’s right!

Since tapes aren’t really in style anymore, I will make you a CD.  I have a few blank ones and there’s a whole bunch of music I’m listening to right now that’s putting me in a super good mood.  And since I’m a nice guy, I’m going to give out 10 copies of my exciting, groovy Spring Mix to the first 10 readers who comment on this post!!   I won’t guarantee you DON’T have the songs, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.  Yay, contest!


1.)  All you have to do is comment!  Hey!  It’s that easy!
2.)  Make sure you leave your e-mail address in the appropriate field.
3.)  I’ll be e-mailing the first ten folks to ask for your mailing address.
4.)  You can only comment once…  What are you going to do with two copies, anyway?

(Disclaimer:  Since WordPress asks me to approve these comments before they are posted, I will fairly pick the first ten based on the time the comment was originally submitted.)

So there you have it.  Obviously this will be super embarrassing if I don’t get ten comments, so take pity on me and just do it!  I’m bribing you with music, for christssake!  And it’s a pretty fricken stellar bribe, trust me.  Unless you don’t like music…  then I’m not even sure why we’re friends.




10 Responses to “Munz’s Spring-Flavored Mix.”

  1. Nina Luxmoore said

    umm, Brian and I want a mix cd 🙂

  2. Kate Randall said

    Hey I want one! you only posted this 3 minutes ago so I better be one of the first.

  3. Kjera! said

    I win!!!!

  4. robin said

    Please, Mr. Mixmaster Munz…pick me! I always enjoy your carping little blog….your diatribe from the angry young men tribe, your …cat in the hat…good stuff and getting better by the minute. love, your reader, Robin

  5. Wry-Dog said

    yeah, i’ll get in on that. we haven’t shared in a coon’s age.

  6. Paige said

    You know I cannot resist music mixed by you. I’ve probably worn the last cd you mixed up for me to its last limbs, but it’s still in my car and will be until it skips so bad I cant stand it. I would loooovvveee another mix of new stuff from you, my music collecting has gotten a little stagnant lately (mostly mad caddies). 🙂

  7. Amanda said

    Ok so I better be on this list, since I am chatting with you right now!! LOL

    Must see what is on mooons’ spring mix list!!

  8. lara said

    i heart music mixed by moonz!

  9. Pat said

    Are the CDs rewritable? Just saying. No, kidding…give me! give me!

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