Triple Shot VII

March 23, 2010

Lucky, lucky number seven.  Did a little improv last night to commemorate the departure of a fellow Laff Staff member, Chris S. who is now off to Ohio to do his summer job.  Also, we got word that Nicole B. is out of the group as well, due to her moving to Chicago.  (Our plans are unrelated.)  Now we are down a few members, and we’ll have to figure out who is going to join up!  Rumor has it come April we’ll start doing a little beginning improv class in order to find some folks and see how well they play with us.  But if you’re hoping to do a little improv in Jackson, you know who to come to.

In other news I can talk today, and almost sound like myself!  I should be in tip top shape by tomorrow or Thursday.  Hopefully.  Also got word that an acting company in New York City wants to perform one of my short one act plays, “Raincoat”, which is AMAZING news!  I just have to cut down the material to fit the 10 minute slot, and they’re good to go.  Can’t tell you how cool that makes me feel.  Here are three more things that are rockin’ my world this week.


“And now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together.”  Since I’ve been sick, Arrested Development has been my saving grace.  It’s definitely the funniest show ever to air on television, and I’ve probably rewatched the DVDs three or four times now.  My quoting talent is increasing.  What makes the show amazing (if you’ve not seen it) is the really well-defined characters that make up the Bluth family.  A lot of sitcoms tend to mold their characters over time, but after three seasons, everyone stays the same and it’s perfect that way.  It’s hard to pick favorites, but Lucille Bluth, the booze-addled, cold-hearted, Gene Parmesan-admiring matriarch of the family, is definitely up there.  I suggest you purchase the seasons as soon as possible so you can be ready for the movie coming out next year.  No other comedy show beats it.  Buy the seasons here.


I try my best not to always go out for lunch, but I’m kind of a creature of habit when it comes to PSM&F.  Maybe because I know one or two staff members, or because it’s kind of the perfect place to meet up with someone for a bite to eat.  Or it’s because, I dunno, THEY HAVE THE BEST SANDWICHES IN JACKSON?!?!  Yeah, yeah that must be it.  I know it’s a touchy subject.  When you have a small town like Jackson people’s loyalties are super touchy.  Backcountry Provisions is a pretty popular sammy place; Jackson Whole Grocer has some good rep.  But I think PSM&F have a great variety, decent prices, wonderful soup (which has been a help with my little sickness) and chocolate chip cookies that blow everyone else out of the water, except maybe Mom.  It’s been super awesome having them around, and I’m starting to get recognized as “That Guy” when I walk in.  It’s a wonder no one has memorized my name.   Yet.


This guy is definitely one of my favorite actors.  Recently I’ve just watched “The Brothers Bloom” and “The Darjeeling Limited” and he’s the best part of both films.  I don’t know what it is about him, but I’ve enjoyed every movie he’s been in.  And that includes “The Jacket” and “The Village”, folks.  I first saw him in “Dummy”, which is now one of my favorites; it’s a weird little indie flick that costars Milla Jovovich (another actor I love) and Vera Ferminga, with Brody playing the part of Steven, an aspiring ventriloquist.  Then of course “The Pianist” came out, and that was amazing.  But overall he just seems like a way cool guy and there’s no doubt he’s a talented actor.  And this all kind of wraps up with a weird dream I had last night that he was related to me and everyone in my family knew except for me.  Huh.  Here’s a great scene from “The Darjeeling Limited”.  Great film.

And there you have it.  Time to make some tea and spend some time with the Bluth Family.  Au revoir!



2 Responses to “Triple Shot VII”

  1. Cammi said

    I love when Maeby pets George Michael with the foot that she cut off of Lucille’s fur wrap. Haha. It always cracks me up.

  2. lara said

    love adrien, love darjeeling. totally agree. is it just me, or is there something strangely attractive about him?… i’m being told right now that it IS just me.

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