Triple Shot VI

March 16, 2010

Hacks, wheezes and coughing fits won’t pull me away from my sixth Triple Shot entry, so now that I’m out of bed drinking hot tea on my couch, I’m ready for the day.  More or less.  This past week really flew by, in my mind, which is not a complaint.  The closer Chicago looms the more anxious I am to get out of this town.  Still having problems with the foot, though, which doesn’t bode well.  I see all these people outside running and jogging, accepting Spring with sweating Nalgene bottles and flip flops.  I saw two guys in shorts yesterday, leg’s as pasty as a Tim Burton makeup kit.  And, like every year, Spring has welcomed me with a delightfully devious head cold that is neither forgiving nor short-lived.  Thanks, Mother Nature!

Speaking of thanks, I want to thank all those people who have been checking out my blog this past month and a half.  You keep me writing, which is awesome.  Nice hearing the compliments, and the complaints, folks.  Keep them up!  Well…the compliments more so than the complaints…  Off we go!


Finally, FINALLY got around to seeing Pedro Almodóvar’s latest film, “Broken Embraces” which was truly stunning.  If you’ve not experienced a film by Almodóvar, I earnestly encourage you to do so.  He’s a Spanish director and his unique form of storytelling is unmatched.  His films usually start as mellow soap operas, and then bloom into an insanely creative storylines full of revealing characters and gorgeous visuals.  Mostly, his films are centered on seemingly normal women with a hefty amount of baggage.  That’s not to say they’re the self-pitying type; rather, they usually take life in their own hands and then squeeze tensely, hoping whatever drips out of it will benefit them.  “Broken Embraces” was fabulous, and I recommend it highly, but if you’re new to the bright, jovial, sometimes depressing world of Almodóvar (he’s truly Tim Burton’s direct opposite), I would recommend you watch “Volver” first.  Both films star Penelope Cruz (Almodóvar’s muse), and it’s obvious Penelope is 10x a better actor in Spanish than in English.  Trust me.  Other notable films:  “All About My Mother”,  “Talk To Her”, “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”, and “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!”   Enjoy!

2.)  People Who Tip

Since we’ve had such uncommonly warm weather, tourism is down and the ski resorts might even close earlier than predicted.  Yikes, right?  As I’m a bellman in the hotel business, a fraction of my income comes from the tips I receive from tourists.  I’m not getting paid as much as I’d like, but every so often there are those kind guests who will slip me a $20 or a $10, thanking me for whatever odd service (or collection of services) I offered them.  But since it’s so bloody slow, my pockets are running dry and the tips are coming in at a snail’s pace.  The other day I helped a couple to their room (4 bags; lit a fire in their fireplace; brought up Ice and two bottles of water; also surprised them with fresh cookies) and only received $1 as tip.  Which is rough, but I guess I should expect the $20 every time I do something for someone.  I went to Ignight (see below) with Patrick N. on Saturday and got a little lesson in tipping waitresses.  I only wish that tipping bellmen had the same principals.  My heart goes out to all those employees who rely on tips, and how difficult the next two months will be as we enter the off season…Raman Noodle party anyone?


New restaurants always entice people.  It’s something fun, different, and you always want to hit them up in the first week so you can tell your opinion to all of your friends.  Well, Ignight has been open for a few weeks, and I finally got there on Saturday night.  I had heard some mixed reviews of the place, but I was excited anyway.  As soon as I walked in I dug it.  There were scattered bubble lights hanging from the ceiling and they had one of those waterfall rock effects behind the bar.  My buddy Patrick N. and I were greeted warmly by the host/front of house guy and were seated at a nice table in the corner.  Patrick N. had been there before, so he knew what to order.  Either way, I wanted to make up my own mind.  We ordered the short ribs and a skirt steak flatbread to start, and both were awesome.  Because the place is trying to be known for its cocktails, I ordered something with SKYY Vodka, tangelo juice and boysenberry juice.  It was fine, but not necessarily something I would order again.  My second cocktail, the Jackson Jewel, was friggen awesome.  Vermouth, Chartreuse, bitters, and gin.  Super potent, but just delicious enough.  Kind of a roller coaster of a drink.  We also ordered the spring rolls (my new favorite) and some sashimi.  My only beef with Ignight was the menu was truly all over the place.   You could get a burger, a sushi roll, salad, ceviche, or just a plate of fries.  Also, they had a Lady Gaga concert video playing on the TV Monitors.  I truly find the girl fascinating and I’d say I’m a fan of her stuff, but it felt a little ‘Huh?’ among everything else.  Either way, check it out below Sidewinders.  Jackson needed something hip and classy and Ignight managed to do it.   I’m definitely going back.

Until next time, folks.  Have a great week!



One Response to “Triple Shot VI”

  1. Linda Judge said

    Hi Andrew! I hope you know I am one of your biggest fans. You are an amazing writer and I encourage you and support 100% to keep it up! And, I know you will and someday I will be reading your published, best seller novel.

    Have fun in shy town.


    P.S. Love your blogs, too.

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