An Extra Project (on the side).

March 11, 2010

Well here I go again.  Yet another project I’m adding to my hectic schedule that will distract me from finishing my novel… Last November I participated in an online event called “National Novel Writing Month” in which participants were told to write 50,000 words from November 1st to November 30th.  I completed the task and chronicled my progress in the JH Weekly newspaper.

Now April has come around and the same organization that put together NaNoWriMo (yeah. it’s a good acronym) is hosting “Script Frenzy” in April.  This time participants must write 100 pages of screenplay or script from April 1st to April 30th.  Thankfully this time period constitutes the off season in Jackson, but it also means that spring is near and the weather will be gorgeous… Do I really want to sit inside and write while the stupid snow melts away and the robins start massacring earthworms?  Hmm.

I can’t say that 100 pages of script sounds like a lot.  Uh.  Maybe it does, now that I think about.  That’s almost four pages of script per day.  Oof.  Well, I’m not going to back out now because I’ve already written 169 words of this entry, and deleting perfectly fine words is criminal.  I’ve chosen to write a screenplay (for a film) rather than a stage play, but I haven’t the slightest idea what to write about.

I have this image of a young boy emptying out a dishwasher which just SCREAMS Oscar gold (…crickets…), but past that opening scene I’ve got nothing.  Which makes me wonder if I’m ready to take on this endeavor.  Do I really need to subject myself to another project when I am straining to finish my novel by the summer?  I’ve already vowed that I would send off 50 pages of it to an agent in New York by Monday.

But the more I think about this Script Frenzy thing the more excited I get.  I have never written a screenplay before (not even sure how you start one) but I think I’m ready for the challenge.  Especially because I’m going to need money for Chicago, and all of this writing will force me to stay indoors and not go out for beers…  Maybe I’ll be the next Diablo Cody and write a cooler, less lame version of “Juno”.  And then I’ll win an Oscar and produce crap like “Jennifer’s Body”!!  Oh destiny, you have such an amazing way of lining things up for me.



ANDREW is sitting in bed wondering what to write about.  His computer rests on his lap and his feet are under his blanket because he was stupid enough to leave his window open all night.  From the dark hallway, Fate seems to cry out.

It’s not spring yet, you dolt.

ANDREW smacks his forehead.  He feels the stirrings of a sore throat.  Damn it.

Oh, in other cool news Lars Vognstrup, the lead singer of the band Lars and the Hands of Light, contacted me.  Apparently his label found my blog, read the recommendation I wrote in a Triple Shot and forwarded it to Lars.  Pretty stellar!  Look at my little blog go.

More brainstorming for me.  Then work.  And since it’s so slow, more brainstorming at work.



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