Triple Shot III

February 23, 2010

Week three of the blog, and I’ve had so few posts.  This past week has been busy with work and improv and the like.  Headed out for a bit o’ snowboarding yesterday; bruised my hip so bad that it looks like Violet Beauregard’s version of a Rorschach test.  Not so fun.  In more interesting news, I am 100% definitely going to Chicago this summer for the intensive workshop at the iO Theater.  Pretty stoked.  Still working out a living situation, but I have lots of time.  I’ll be suffering through winter in J-Hole for a while, so it’s not like I’m leaving tomorrow (as much as I’d like to be).

So here are three things I’ve been obsessing over this week.  Enjoy yer Tuesdee!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this video, but it’s at least ten.  I seriously think it’s one of the funniest improv scenes I’ve ever seen.  I met Ross Bryant (tall guy in the thick glasses) this January when he toured with Second City’s RedCo here in Jackson.  I just came across the video and was shocked to see him in it.  Small world.  Anyway, Improvised Shakespeare takes a single title suggestion from the audience and then creates a full, original Shakespearean play in verse.  Everyone I’ve spoken to who has seen it says it’s genius.  Can’t wait to check them out when I get to Chi-Town.  Enjoy!


I’m not all that fond of literary publications full of amateur writers getting praised for shitty stories.  There are usually one or two good ones in The New Yorker or ESQUIRE but not always.  When I came across Electric Literature, thanks to a tip from my friend Nicole B., I was shocked.  The first issue had an unseen excerpt from Michael Cunningham (one of my favorite authors; “The Hours”) and his new novel “Olympia”.  The second issue was even better than the first with a great story called “The Slough” by Pasha Malla.  If you like short stories, I definitely recommend you check it out.  The sick thing about E.L. is that you can get its content in just about any format.  I personally like the paperback books, but you can get the same material in a .pdf format or even straight to your Kindle.  (Though if you have a Kindle, I seriously doubt your appreciation of literature.  Oh yeah.  I went there.) SUBSCRIBE!!


Let’s be honest.  I like effed up movies.  I like crazy, mind-bendy stuff that ignites feelings of confusion and understanding at the same time.  Movies like “The Machinist”, “The Fountain”, and “Children of Men” are all dark and twisty and strange.  But I LOVE ’em.  So when I came across “Hunger” (directed by Steve McQueen) I was awesomely blown away.  Michael Fassbender is one of my new favorite actors.  You saw him as the long-haired Spartan in “300”, and as Lt. Archie Hicox in “Inglourious Basterds”.  He was also in a horror/torture film called “Eden Lake” which was inTENSE, but not very good.  Anyway, in “Hunger” he plays Bobby Sands, a real-life Irishman who was part of the IRA hunger strike in 1981.   I learned a little bit about it when I was in Ireland in March ’09.  But the film is about his final six weeks in the Maze Prison in Northern Ireland.  It’s tough to watch the actor’s transformation from kind of skinny to bones-showing skinny, but overall and excellent film.  You really can’t go wrong with Criterion Collection releases…

That concludes this week’s Triple Shot.  Stay tuned tomorrow for my thoughts on Censorship inspired by a local art installation called “Nekkid”.


One Response to “Triple Shot III”

  1. Leif Huot said

    Have you seen the film El Topo by Alejandro Jodorowsky? I have the soundtrack to it and have been curious about it for awhile, yet have had great trouble coming across it. Apparently it’s a cult film (like The Kentucky Fried Movie, only not easy to find). Here’s a link to the trailer:
    Just curious,

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