Triple Shot II

February 16, 2010

Ah Fat Tuesday.  I bought ice cream today (the Girl Scout cookie kind), gorged myself on a large lunch and now I smell my multi-talented mother’s curried rice cooking downstairs.  I’m torn between eating a plate before going out, or skipping dinner and just eating popcorn and candy when I see “Precious: Based on the book ‘Push’ by Sapphire” tonight at 7:00pm.  [Side note: Why is that such a ridiculously long title?  Everyone refers to it as “Precious” anyway.  I guess most authors don’t get much credit for their film.  Unless your name is Dan Brown…  Douche.]  Maybe the latter…  But anyway, enough about today!  It’s time for a Triple Shot of 80-proof goodness provided by 90% Munz.  Three things that are rockin’ my world.  My gift to you.  And you didn’t even have to show me your boobs!


Okay, I’m a little slow on the uptake, but Jackson didn’t get this movie until last week, and I’ve finally gotten around to seeing it.  Before I go into what I thought of the film, can I just say that Wes Anderson does quirk like none other.  Though I was NOT a fan of “The Life Aquatic”, movies like “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “The Darjeeling Limited” rocked it.  Love the text on screen, love the random soundtracks, love just about every actor involved.  So, in regards to “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, Anderson’s first animated movie, all of the goodies were still there, with some added awesomeness.  The stop-motion was killer and I loved that the fur on the animals was constantly spazzing, flinging in every direction even if they just blinked.  George Clooney and Meryl Streep were amazing, but I think Jason Schwartzman was my favorite as Ash, the little fox with a big mouth.  Substituting the word “cuss” for every swear word was cussing genius.  I swear more adults were laughing in that audience than kids were.  If you’ve not yet seen it, do so asap!  It’ll hit your DVD player on March 23rd.


To be honest, the only reason I discovered this band was because of their cover art (seen below).  I have never heard of them before, I had never heard a single and there was a split moment when I wondered if Ryan Gosling had anything to do with it.  I buy most of my music from an undisclosed, possibly illegal website that sells songs at a mere $.09.  “Only, the only thing is, is that all the songs are in Russian…” No, just kidding.  Anyway I was super shocked how quickly I fell in love with them.  The band is from Denmark and their sound is aaaaamazing.  It’s kind of like if Spoon and Fleet Foxes had a baby and Belle and Sebastian were the babysitters until the baby grew up and could record his own music.  There’s a lot of life in these songs, and lots of pretty funky melodies.  I strongly recommend “The Looking Glass” (title track), “Stranger to the Sea”, and “Mulitcolored.”  But all of the songs are pretty stellar.  The album seems to be only available on iTunes, otherwise.  They have no official website other than their less-than-updated myspace page.  Click the link to head to to try out the album!

Lars and the Hands of Light: The Looking Glass


Okay, okay.  Call me a nerd, ninny, lameface, squatbucket, or otherwise, but “Survivor” is still one of the coolest, most interesting reality shows on television, if not the best one.  What other show offers a reward challenge for tools to make a fire that includes a dislocated shoulder, a broken toe, a man who calls himself the Dragon Slayer groping another man’s genitals (accidentally, I’m sure), and a girl named Sugar who gets her top undone by a desperate opponent.  This is the twentieth (!!!) season and it still never ceases to amaze me.  This time around it’s an all-star show; a team of ten heroes versus a team of ten of the vilest players in the past decade.  And these people are mean. I’ve been watching the show on-and-off since season 2 in the Australian Outback, but now I’m sucked back in.  Jeff Probst, the host, is still corny, but I’m blown away at how sharp he is.  He can really lay the smack down when it comes to sarcasm.  Ten bucks says he was on speech & debate as a zit-covered teen.  Anyway, this season is set in Samoa (again…), but I’m stoked for it to get going.  One episode down, many more to go.  Bring on the blood, sweat, tears and unnecessary nudity!

The cast of Heroes vs. Villains

And that concludes this week’s episode.  I’m off to cry my eyes out and then get wwwhhasted on one beer.  Ciao friends.



2 Responses to “Triple Shot II”

  1. Tracy said

    I love love love Survivor, and I don’t care who knows it!

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