It Begins.

February 3, 2010


Gross, I started a blog. 
Not because I’m conforming and becoming one of those people (I already am one), but because I can’t for the life of me keep a handwritten journal and I seem to spend uncountable hours on the internet every day.  I have thoughts; I have dreams, dammit!  Might as well share them with the world, eh?  Remember in “Julie & Julia”, or, as I recall it, “Two Broads Who Cook Identical Meals, But Never Meet” when Julie Powell first starts her blog and she’s like “La la, Hello world.  This is me.  La la, I am a waif, but I’m lovable.  Don’t hate me for being quirky!”?  Well, this blog won’t be like that.   Actually, yeah.  Think of me like Julie Powell, but, instead, I don’t know how to cook, I have a penis, and I actually have real goals.  Ten points to me.

She makes me want to eat vomit and enjoy it.

I’m part of an improv comedy group called The Laff Staff, which is, you know, awesome.  At heart I’m a writer, but improv and creative writing go hand in hand.  I invent crazy shiz in my writing which I bring to improv, and improv scenes give me more material to write with.  It’s a pretty killer process.  There’s nothing better than getting on stage, having no idea what the F you’re going to do or say, and then just going for it.  Recently I’ve been a southern belle whose Stilettos were getting stuck in the mud.  The scene commenced with me belting my lines in an Australian accent while pretending to be in a musical.  To those of you who say we script our improv, you give us WAY too much credit.  I definitely don’t get out of bed in the morning knowing I’ll be raping squirrels or stuffing cotton candy into my nostrils.  Improv is improv.  That’s the grunt of it.

Here’s a status update for me, Andrew Munz, as of Thursday, February 4th 2010:

  • Moved back in with mom to save money.  Room feels smaller.  Since it was acting as the guest room, my old bedroom now has a Chief Joseph  feel to it.  Mom forces me to remove throw pillows and Navajo blanket before sleeping, then replacing them before leaving house.  One wall painted in a reddish terra-cotta color.  All that’s missing is the peace pipe.  Hmm.
  • Working as a bellman at a high-end hotel.  Did a bit of room service recently only to have the guest walking around the room with his bathrobe open and his everything flapping about.  Received $50 tip as possible hush money.  Later, posted embarrassing event in first blog entry.
  • A novel!  Yes that’s write (ba-dum tish!).  Oh, it’s about my version of the afterlife and a very confident man having to re-experience all of his life’s events with a stranger.  It makes more sense to me than it does anyone else.  Must fix this somehow.  Also, agent in New York is interested in reading more.  Working on sending out 50 pages soon…  By soon I mean soon.  And by soon…I have no idea when.  Working on my second draft is kicking my arsehole.
  • Chicago is on the horizon.  Improv here I come!  Must do this for myself.  iO (formally improvOlympic) is offering a Summer intensive.  Planned exodus:  July 2010.  Planned return:  Jelly Doughnut…?

 There you have it.  A little starter course for the mayhem and intrigue planned in this blog o’ mine.  What else can I possibly tell you?  My goal for this blog is to just express myself in blog form, excreting nothing but Munz (sick) for the next who knows how long?  I am a small-town Wyoming guy with dreams of going elsewhere. 

World, you better hold some promise for me or I will be pissed.


I leave you with a quote:
“So many people did teach themselves to cook with this book; there’s nothing unique about what I did.”
-Julie Powell


One Response to “It Begins.”

  1. Kelly said

    Doughnuts. Mmmm.

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